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Etoiles oracle de Marseille - jeu divination voyance développement personnel

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Cartouche - carte le fardeau - oracle de Marseille

30 – The burden

The Burden symbolizes the difficulties and responsibilities that weigh on our shoulders, reminding us that all success comes with a price to pay. It invites us to identify the source of the burden, and to free ourselves from what is useless or harmful.

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Cartouche - carte les mystères - oracle de Marseille

28 – Mysteries

The Mysteries map represents hidden things, secrets and riddles. It symbolizes uncertainty and the unknown. It can also refer to situations or people that are difficult to understand or secrets that need to be uncovered.

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Cartouche - carte le puits - oracle de Marseille

27 – The well

The Well, symbol of depth and inner search, represents the quest for self-knowledge and understanding of one’s own needs. It invites you to dive into yourself, to explore your own thoughts and emotions, and to find the answers you seek.

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Cartouche - carte la revanche - oracle de Marseille

25 – The revenge

The Revenge card represents the will to right the wrongs suffered. It can indicate a need for revenge or to restore balance after an injustice. However, it also reminds us not to be consumed by anger or hatred, and not to lose sight of the ultimate goal of peace and reconciliation.

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Cartouche - carte les manipulations- oracle de Marseille

20 – Manipulations

The Manipulation card represents the ability to control others or situations. It symbolizes influence, persuasion, the use of manipulation tactics and the abuse of power. It can also refer to a situation or a person who seeks to control us.

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Cartouche - carte le soleil- oracle de Marseille

19 – The sun

The Sun, a symbol of vitality and success, represents fulfilment. It invites us to radiate confidence and optimism, to let our true nature shine and to live our life to the full. It reminds us that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves.

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