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the oracle of Marseilles?

Papillon psyché oracle de Marseille psychologie

The Oracle of Marseilles was designed with the aim of transmitting humanist, spiritualist and universal values. Many areas are covered, in line with our world modern. The drawings take up the graphic style of the initial Marseilles tarot deck

Psychology is approached there, with new integrated notions such as the savior, the victim and the executioner which approach human psychology with in particular the Karpman triangle. This allows you to explore this theme in different forms of prints. We can also add many emotions, feelings, and all romantic relationships.

The inspiration for this game takes many known historical icons, recent or older. For example, the arcana of the weaver takes up a painting of a fresco from the Doge’s Palace in Venice called the dialectic . Other mysteries are inspired by miniatures, found in liturgical books in the form of illuminations.

Esotericism is approached, with many cards using alchemical and Masonic symbolism. The oracle of Marseilles turns to many universal virtues.

We will of course find all the major mysteries of the Marseilles tarot. Some of these have been revised in another form.

The Oracle of Marseilles is the only current game in the French tradition with a vision based on the virtues of today’s world. It was the fruit of a long personal work. This game is an alchemy between the feminine and the masculine.

liberté des femmes république oracle de Marseille
tireur de cartes - oracle de Marseille jeu divinatoire et développement personnel

Structure of the Oracle of Marseilles

Nuage oracle de Marseille - heu divinatoire voyance avenir développement personnel

The Oracle of Marseilles deck consists of78 cards. It does not include major or minor mysteries, unlike the Marseilles tarot. The traditional 4 colors, which are the denarius, the sword, the staff and the cup, are not present. They have been intentionally removed, because many people do not know the meanings and this makes reading the Marseilles tarot difficult and not very accessible.

The Oracle of Marseilles has been designed to be more accessible in order to facilitate reading, but also in its visual representations. The game offers many levels of reading that each person can appropriate.The game has a chronology in its cards, which are numbered from 1 to 76 in Roman numerals. The mind map has the infinite number, while the fool is numberless. The nameless arcana is the last card in the game.

Take the time to discover our ORACLE

By accessing the search bar at the top of the site, you can enter in the search field all the cards you want. We advise you to start with the bohemian game card.

L illusionniste - bateleur féminin bateleuse oracle de Marseille
Femme libre Lucie - oracle de Marseille

Discover the authors

rose oracle de Marseille amour

The Oracle of Marseilles was designed by Lucie & Raphael. We wish to remain anonymous by discretion and by magic. So why Lucie and Raphaël and what does it correspond to?

These 2 artists’ first names correspond to our 2 respective secondary first names which will be our personal imprints in this game. But that’s not all! These 2 first names are rich in meaning in symbolic value .

The Lucie’s name comes from the Latin root “lux”, which symbolizes light. But it is also in reference to the first Australopithecus woman, mother of the world, called “Lucy”.

Raphael, meanwhile, recalls the Catholic archangel which means “god heals”. Archangel Raphael is missioned to heal the sick, protect travelers and pilgrims who are on their spiritual path. He delivers from pain and toxic situations.

Nuage oracle de Marseille - heu divinatoire voyance avenir développement personnel

In a more poetic way, Lucie is the creative and universal spark, a divine and intuitive, emancipatory and reassuring light that lights up our universe. May this light enlighten our minds.

Raphael, guardian of humanity, heals lost souls, charitably guides travelers in the universe on the path of inner spirituality towards the search for their own truth. strong>

This alchemical union aims to concentrate the light in your interiority and enlighten your minds and raise your spiritual awareness.

archange Raphaël - sauveur oracle de Marseille
fardeau - oracle de Marseille