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The revenge

“Life has given me the chance to have no revenge to take.”
—Françoise de Panafieu, Libération – 16 Avril 2007


The name of this card is called “la revanche” in French. It can be translated as “the revenge” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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This card could have been called the Counterattack. Indeed, the counter-attack comes from a military strategy which aims to regroup its forces, find a fast and effective strategy, to face an adversary for a defensive purpose. It is about remobilize one’s strengths, seek the courage within oneself to face conflicting relationships. Here, the man and the woman meet around a game of chess, where each of the pieces have a role, a function, and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the victory of this game. Sometimes it will take resilience, as in our daily lives.

Resilience is the ability to reorganize when negative events assail us. In a way, get back in the saddle after falling off the horse. We often find ourselves like the man and the woman, in a duel where we advance our pawns, where we lose pieces during the battle. This can take place in love, but in reality every event in life can lead to a counterattack of the defining event. Winning the battle is not winning the war. These phenomena of counter-attack, we find them all around us. Why did so and so act this way? In response to what particular event? We are ourselves in reaction to past events, sometimes traumatic, which push us to such and such actions. Why did I make this choice? this job ? this action ? This is the counterattack.

This revenge on life and on events are very representative of this counter-attack. We then seek to take our revenge.A distinction must be made between revenge and payback.Payback is not good, because it arouses hatred. It aims to remove evil with evil in a gross way. Wisdom leads us to take revenge rather than payback. This path is superior and corrective, it polishes victory over evil by dismantling wickedness.Revenge is justice of the righteous.

Card 25 - The revenge

Carte arcane la revanche de l'oracle de Marseille

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