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Le fardeau - amour chance oracle de marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The burden

“Do not load your shoulders with a burden that exceeds your strength.”


The name of this card is called “le fardeau” in French. It can be translated as “the burden” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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We are in perpetual motion. Like the “mate” or “fool” card of the Tarot de Marseille, we carry a bag with us during our escapades. This bag is a container filled with what we want to carry. We will notice that in the oracle of Marseilles, the bohemian carries nothing on her back. She is completely free, unattached. She follows the path of the heart. This mystery of the burden offers us a rather confident man, carrying a burden and leaving a second burden on the ground. The difference between these 2 burdens is the internal composition of these. One of the burdens features a heart and the other a spade. The spade is an overturned heart. The man with the burden makes the choice to keep the burden that is most important to him at this moment. He made a choice. And like all choices, he gave up to move forward.

Before this phase, the burden was one.When the load becomes too heavy,it’s time to take a break, distribute the loads, sort it out. strong> Some fillers are not ours, so why wear them? support them? Don’t we have enough of our burden just to take that of others? It’s up to us to take this load.The difference between the satchel and the burden is the moral approach.The burden is characterized by a heavy and painful load to carry, while the satchel is a simple container like a bag. Lightening your burden means moving forward lighter, with less effort and more confident.

The spade burden can take many different forms, such as guilt, anxiety, failure, and injustice. The spade burden is often very heavy to bear. Emotions are strong, heavy, heavy and tiring. Carrying the wrong burden is immobility that invites itself to us. When we can no longer move forward, when the energy is missing by accumulations of charges, it then becomes difficult to sort the all of the contents of our bag. Take the time to unload your burden, as your life progresses, so as not to end up as an old man bent by the weight of life.

Card 30 - The burden

Carte arcane fardeau l'oracle de Marseille

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Roue droite chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille
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