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Les compagnons oracle de Marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The Companions

“No one can put a chain around their human companion’s ankle without ending up tying the other end around their neck.”
— Frederick Douglass, Washington Speech


The name of this card is called “les compagnons” in French. It can be translated as “the companions” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The companion builders of cathedrals were itinerant craftsmen who left their mark on the history of European architecture. They were members of similar trade organizations, known as the Companionship, and were responsible for the design and construction of some of the most impressive structures of their time.The journeyman cathedral builders were guided by values strict morals and ethics,which were essential for their success and fame.

The first virtue put forward by the companions who built cathedrals was solidarity.The companions considered themselvesa family, united by their profession and their commitment to the same values. They shared their knowledge and skills, and worked together to carry out the most ambitious projects. They were also solidarity with the weaker, offering support and assistance to members of their community who were in need. The second important virtue for the companion cathedral builders was excellence .The journeymen always strived to do their best, striving forexcellence in all aspects of their work.They took pride in their work and always sought to improve their skills and know-how.They believed that the quality of their work was the best advertisement for their profession and for their organization. The third key virtue for the journeyman cathedral builders was responsibility. The journeymen were aware of the impact of their work on future generations, and they took responsibility for the buildings they they built very seriously.They ensured that their work was solid, durable and well done, using quality materials and respecting current safety standards.They would also commit to pass on their know-how to future generations,to ensure that their profession continues. Finally, the companion builders of cathedrals were guided by modesty. They did not seek to impose themselves or put themselves forward, but preferred to work in the shadows, concentrating on their craft and their commitment to the values ​​of companionship. They were aware of their limits and always sought to learn and improve. Companions love work, that is why it is glorified. The fellow cathedral builders were exceptional craftsmen, who left behind impressive and enduring monuments. Their success was based on their commitment to the values ​​of companionship, including solidarity, excellence, responsibility and modesty. These values ​​are still applicable today, and are a testament to the relevance and the strength of companionship.

The arcana of companions can also be translated as the companion who shares our life. In this vision, we will talk about our privileged relationship with this companion. His teaching allows him to carry out tasks in a joint job. Like the construction of a cathedral, the companion needs daily help, whether to build a family, friendships, or quite simply lasting and healthy relationships. It is necessary a fair proportion of roles, some tasks are sometimes more trying than others and the cohesion of companions is important. Difficult tasks must be distributed according to the potential of each person. There must be a fair distribution so that it isfair. If the companion is overwhelmed with work, the entire general task is in danger. This idea of ​​everything, alone leads to the idea of ​​burnout. The companion is also a servant, in the noble sense of the term. He serves a cause that goes beyond his individuality. He knows how to be of service by showing his heart, in a selfless manner. He does not provide service in order to obtain any advantages. calculated. He does it because it corresponds to his philosophy of life, giving love to those around him for the good of humanity. The support of those around him will allow him to realize his projects and balance his life. The companion cannot complete a building alone, the project would be too laborious for him. The companion is often guided by an ideal to achieve as a human for the general good.

Card 63 - The Companions

Carte arcane compagnons l'oracle de Marseille


Mutual aid





Sincere friendship


Need help

Division of labour


Job well done





Know how to be

Know how to live


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