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carte de l'architecte oracle de Marseille
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The architect

“It is architecture that first expresses a civilization.”
— Jacques Ferron, Cotnoir


The name of this card is called “l’architecte” in French. It can be translated as “the architect” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The architect is a professional who exercises a noble and passionate profession.He is responsible for the design and implementation of architectural projects, which can have an impact on the environment, society and culture. The arcana of the architect highlights design, plans, technicality from a mental point of view. The architect is a technician of thought. He must ensure that his construction, his calculations can withstand the shock of time. One mistake in design is everything falls apart. Beyond the collapsing building, it is life that collapses, even civilization. Nowadays, we can unfortunately still observe buildings broken under the weight of extreme ideology. To this end, the architect is the designer and transmits through his plans and his technical knowledge the most beautiful works of the human spirit. It transmits much more than a building, it transmits the philosophy, life and culture of a civilization. The architect must count on all the builders so that his building endures through the ages. The architect uses several tools including the compass. The compass is an extremely precise drawing tool which allows the architect to work with great precision and finesse. It is often associated with other tools such as the ruler, the square and draftsman to create detailed and accurate technical drawings.

Architecture is not only limited to physical buildings, it can also be applied to family and love. Indeed, the family is a complex structure that requires solid and durable architecture to operate efficiently. Just as an architect designs plans for a building, family members must work together to develop a plan that will create a healthy and harmonious relationship. The same goes for couples. The architect is there to lay solid foundations in our relationships acquired through extensive experience in human relations. Communication is the basis of any healthy relationship, just as a solid foundation is the basis of any building . Family members must learn to communicate effectively to resolve conflicts and maintain harmonious relationships. Like a building that requires regular maintenance to stay in good condition, family relationships will also receive attention and constant care to remain strong and durable.Love, for its part, can be considered as the architecture of the mind.It requires a solid foundation, a stable framework and a clear vision of the future. Just as an architect must design detailed plans for a building, lovers must work together to design a plan for their relationship. This involves understanding each other’s needs and desires, commit to supporting each other in difficult times and working jointly to overcome challenges.

The virtues of the architect are numerous. The first virtue is creativity. The architect must be able to imagine original and innovative solutions to meet the needs of his clients. He must be able to find answers to complex problems and propose designs that are both functional and aesthetic. The second important virtue of the architect is empathy.To design spaces that meet the needs of his clients, the architect must be able to put himself in their shoes. It must understand their needs and preferences, and integrate these elements into its design. The third virtue of the architect is precision.Architectural projects are complex, and every detail must be taken into account. The architect must be able to work with precision and rigor, ensuring that each element is correctly designed and implemented. However, the architect can also have flaws. The first fault is egocentrism. Some architects can be too focused on themselves and their own vision of the project, without taking into account the needs and preferences of their clients. The second fault of the architect islack of collaboration. Some architects may have difficulty working with other professionals involved in the project, such as engineers, contractors and consultants. This lack of collaboration can lead to delays, additional costs and conflicts. The final flaw of the architect is rigidity. Some architects can be too attached to their initial vision of the project, and have difficulty making adjustments or compromises. This rigidity can lead to communication problems and conflicts with clients and other professionals involved in the project. Ultimately, the architect must be aware of his virtues and shortcomings, and work on them to become an accomplished professional and respected.Creativity, empathy and precision are essential virtues for a successful architect, while egocentrism, lack of collaboration and rigidity are faults that must be avoided to guarantee the success of his projects.

Card 64 - the architect

Carte arcane architecte l'oracle de Marseille

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