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Equilibriste - oracle de Marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The Tightrope

“ To love is not to take ready-made and marked roads. It’s walking on a tightrope over precipices and knowing that there is someone at the end who says in a soft and calm voice: move forward, keep moving forward, don’t be afraid, you will get there ! ”
— Philippe Besson, Resolving to say goodbye


The name of this card is called “l’équilibriste” in French. It can be translated as “The Tightrope Walker” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The tightrope walker advanced with caution on the wire stretched between the two towers, juggling with the phases of the moon. The middle path was his route, his path of life. The thread creates the narrow line that he had to follow, in balance, to move forward in his life. Everything hangs by a thread. Turning around is perilous, and it is necessary to move forward to avoid tripping. He wasperfectly concentrated,in harmony with his body and with the movements of the balls. He had to be attentive to every gesture, to every step on the wire. He had learned to control his body and his mind to achieve this state of perfect concentration. He juggled the phases of the moon, tossing them expertly into the air, creating a cycle, while maintaining control of his balance on the wire. The bullets flew in perfectly calculated arcs, a spectacle of grace and virtuosity.

Suddenly, a gust shook the wire, causing it to sway dangerously. The tightrope walker flexed his leg to maintain his balance and slowed down the rhythm of his juggling during his swings.The beating of his heart raced. He kept the wire in the center of his gaze , seeing it as an invisible line that his body had to follow.He continues to move forward, juggling the phases of the moon, while facing each obstacle. He had confidence in himself and in his ability to stay on the edge. This could also be a path of love that carries him from start to finish. He knew that there was always a solution, a way to overcome difficulties. We will notice that the tightrope walker is being carried. What does this rope mean, what does it represent for him? It could be life, but also its life path or its life line, its insurance. Thus, we are on a thread that does not hold much, connecting a past and a future probable. But, this tightrope walker can also move on an axis which carries his motivations, his inspirations in life. He plays with reality, making his life a game. He seeks in him, a happy medium. The towers which support the thread must be strong, because they support the thread which keeps it alive.

This arcana of the tightrope walker is above all an image of dexterity in the face of trials. He knows how to find hisstability in perilous environments. In life, the tightrope walker navigates this middle path which forms the junction between 2 different universes. The quest has a beginning and an end. He finds his balance through training, which reinforces his skill and his pugnacity. However, his unconsciousness, his lack or his excess confidence can make him lose track.He must be careful to be reckless in his benevolence and in his self-confidence. The reckless person is courageous in dangerous or perilous actions, stubbornness can lead him to sacrifice or success, he is his worst enemy and his best ally. Is he ready for that? We all find ourselves in perilous situations one day.Balance teaches us that the middle way is the right way.

Card 61 - The Tightrope Walker

Carte arcane équilibriste l'oracle de Marseille

KEYWORDS OF The Tightrope Walker





Know how to flex




Path of love







Middle lane


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