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Etoiles oracle de Marseille - jeu divination voyance développement personnel

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Cartouche - carte le royaume - oracle de Marseille

31 – The kingdom

The Kingdom, a symbol of power and achievement, represents the success and realization of one’s ambitions. He reminds us that to reign over his own kingdom, it is necessary to be courageous and to believe in his own abilities.

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Cartouche - carte l'imprimeur - oracle de Marseille

29 – The printer

The Printer’s card represents the dissemination of information and the transmission of ideas. She recalls the importance of communication and the transmission of knowledge. It can also indicate the need to be heard or to convey an important message.

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Cartouche - carte les croyances- oracle de Marseille

21 – The beliefs

The Beliefs card represents the deep convictions that guide us in life. It recalls the importance of faith and spirituality. This card can also indicate the need to question one’s own beliefs and put them into perspective to move forward in life.

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Cartouche - carte le sauveur- oracle de Marseille

16 – The savior

The Savior, a symbol of courage and generosity, represents the ability to help others and to be a guide for people in distress. It invites you to be a leader, a mentor and to give of yourself for others. He encourages us to be humble, to listen to others and to be always ready to help.

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Cartouche - carte la victime- oracle de Marseille

14 – The victim

The Victim card represents a person who feels powerless in a situation or a person who feels oppressed or exploited. It invites us to become aware of our own power and to stand up for ourselves.

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Cartouche - carte l'engrenage - oracle de Marseille

12 – The gear

The Gear, a symbol of mechanism and complexity, represents the forces that drag us into an incessant cycle of actions and consequences. It invites us to be aware of the consequences of our actions and to make informed decisions. It reminds us that our choices have an influence on our life and that of others.

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