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Etoiles oracle de Marseille - jeu divination voyance développement personnel


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L'orateur de l'oracle de Marseille

35 – The Orator

The Orator is the master of words and speeches, guides souls to the truth. He is the spokesman of the gods, chosen to transmit their will to mortals. His voice is powerful and his word is just. He embodies wisdom, persuasion and eloquence.

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L'ivrogne de l'oracle de Marseille

36 – The drunkard

The Drunkard, symbol of abandonment and incontinence, embodies the loss of control and reason. He gave up all sense of responsibility and discipline, letting himself be carried away by his desires and passions. It is a warning against excesses and vices, recalling that too much of everything can lead to ruin.

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Le fou de l'oracle de Marseille

37 – The Fool

The Fool embodies freedom and adventure, jumping without thinking into the unknown. It reminds everyone that it is important to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Although his actions may seem reckless, he is actually free from attachment and can see things from a different perspective.

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Le labyrinthe de l'oracle de marseille

38 – The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth, symbol of uncertainty and complexity, embodies the challenges and difficult choices of life. It is a warning not to sink into doubts and illusions, but to continue to advance, even when the road is uncertain and fraught with obstacles.

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39 – The Artist

The Artist, symbol of creativity and expression, embodies the ability to translate emotions and ideas into works of art. It is a reminder that everyone has a unique creativity, and that it is important to explore and express it.

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La roue de fortune

40 – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune, symbol of destiny and unpredictable changes, represents the cycles of life and the impermanence of all things. It reminds us that ups and downs are normal in life, and that change is constant. It invites us to be open to opportunities.

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