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L'artiste - carte oracle de Marseille
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The Artist

“When critics disagree with each other, the artist agrees with himself.”
—Oscar Wilde


The name of this card is called “l’artiste” in French. It can be translated as “the artist” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The artist as we know him today is a person who has mastered an art. Note that the word “artist” and the word “artisan” both have the Latin root “ars, artis”. Before the 18th century, the artisan and the artist corresponded to the same thing which designates “a professional man”. The distinction is made today between the artist, the one who operates a ” liberal art”, while the artisan masters a “mechanical art”. The craftsman has technical knowledge in his field, he is a master in artistic craftsmanship.It is not always difficult to differentiate between these 2 concepts.A filmmaker is- Is he an artist of the 7th art or a craftsman of the image? Whatever our approach, the artist is there to make us vibrate, make us think, embellish our lives and punctuate them with his art. The artist is often a cultured person, and his wealth is time. The time to observe, feel society, to be like a sponge and then to transcribe your intimate impressions through your art.

The word art is associated with know-how in the sense of technique. The artist has a highly developed emotional intelligence and is sensitive to the views of the world around him. /strong> The artist, like the craftsman, have many points in common. They both produce unique and original works.They work the material with their minds to transcribe it in their arts in a physical way.The artist is frequently alone, facing himself. It is at this moment that he releases all his creativity in connection with his interiority.Once the work is finished, the void settles back in.Doubts and embarrassment can submerge him, because strong> showing your art means confronting the real world and the views and judgments of others. Criticism is sometimes difficult when the work comes from the heart.It breaks the bubble in which the artist was. The work of both the artist and the craftsman is from time to time difficult, the repetition of the task tires us out. The artist is above all a creative person, his imagination is limitless. The artist shapes his mind through his work. When we look at a work, we see the artist’s touch.

The artist knows how to take us out of the frame. The frame can be seen as an established architecture. A frame which is imposed on us and which we have accepted voluntarily or No. The aim of the artist’s gaze is to either make us stay in the frame if the patron has this desire, or on the contrary to make us leave it. The artist is thelever< /strong> to shake up our usual references and take us out of our comfort zone. The artist’s work sometimes creates controversy, proof that this affects a part of ourselves and our frame of reference. The artist thus allows the exchange, the transmission of know-how, his vision of the world, and allows us to take a step asideto look at the work from another aspect. This step aside allows us to look for other visitors who come to us through other paths. This helps to enrich our visions and nourish us with other aspects. The artist reinvents our imaginations, enriches our points of view and allows us to evolve internally. We let go, we step out of the frame, we escape like this crazy work. And why not a little crazy? Let us not waste a moment in our wild thoughts, an expression of infinite freedom.

Card 39 - The artist

Carte arcane l'artiste l'oracle de Marseille




New vision


Free expression





Developed imagination

Understanding of the world

Seasoned observer

Cultivated person


Financial resources



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