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orateur communication formation cartomancie oracle et tarot de Marseille
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The Orator

“Speech is a combat sport”
—Bertrand Perier, Speech is a combat sport


The name of this card is called “l’orateur” in French. It can be translated as “the orateur” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The orator is a poet, a tribune, an eloquent man of words.The art of eloquence is the art of convincing crowds.He is a technician of the word and an argument technician in the art of persuading and convincing. We are wary of smooth talkers, those who chatter to say nothing or to get noticed. The power of the verb, of words, is the art of debating rather than fighting. When there is no more dialogue, we often come to blows. Speech allows a problem to be resolved differently than physical force.Physical force is the final language, words that are no longer found.It is better to convince than to coerce. Speaking well requires training, techniques to be comfortable in public and to structure your speech in all situations.

For each circumstance, the words must be appropriate, the lexicon that the speaker uses depends on his audience. An already convinced audience will be an acquired audience. Finding the right word, knowing how to improvise without stuttering, without hesitating, takes practice. When the speaker speaks, he is only allowed one chance. He cannot go back once he has spoken. Speech has a strong impact even if the famous proverb “words fly, writings remain” tends to make us think that words have less impact when spoken than when written. The speaker is a charismatic person, who delivers his speech with panache. He clearly expresses his convictions with confidence. Speech is speech! Speech is language! Language is living language.

If speech is important for the speaker,the body and his gestures also constitute elements of his language. A speaker is first seen, then heard and finally understood.</strong > The speaker is a posture, a look, a gesture, and the management of the rhythm of his speech. The speaker can be a comedian, an impersonator, an actor, a politician, a singer, a business manager, anyone who speaks in front of an audience. The speaker is a man of letters and for this, he perfects his lexical field in order to find the right word, at the right time during his rhetoric. He is an eloquent person. The speaker manages his emotions during speeches from the heart so as not to melt in the face of the weight of the words during his speech.

Finally, it will also be necessary to distinguish between sophism and paralogism. The sophist will use argumentation with fallacious logic. The reasoning that the sophist carries has the appearance of rigor, even evidence, but which is in reality not valid in the sense of logic, even if its conclusion is nevertheless correct. Unlikeparalogism, which is an error in the reasoning of a broadcaster in good faith,not seeking to deceive his audience. This distinction is important, the morality of the sophist tends to lead towards false beliefs, not by error but by interests. Likewise, a dictator is a tribune deaf to the cries of the people.

Card 35 - The orator

Carte arcane orateur l'oracle de Marseille




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False beliefs





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