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The Efforts

“Victory loves effort.”


The name of this card is called “les efforts” in French. It can be translated as “the efforts” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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Every day we face it. Efforts are part of our daily lives and also give us meaning to our existence most of the time. Like the myth of Sisyphus, punished by the gods, condemned by the eternal to climb his stone to the top of the mountain, before it descends the other slope, and having to start this endless, aimless task again, without interest. This brings us back to the absurdity of efforts, and to the goal we have set for ourselves. To make an effort, you have to be strong. Physical strength and mental strength are one. Thus,the mental faculties are the driving force, calling on pugnacity, determination, commitment and acceptance of the difficulties encountered.Define a path, have a direction and achieve your goals. dreams, gives meaning to effort. Just as efforts make us strong. To quote Nietzsche in his book “Twilight of the Idols”: “what does not kill us, makes us stronger”. This well-known adage clearly illustrates our ability to cope with life’s events.

But when the task of the work is too arduous, does not conform to our expectations, without any goal, denied interests, imposed by others, demotivation sets in and we feel like a slave to this task. In our daily lives, and especially in the world of work, we will find this form of effort at its extreme. burn-out, which is the excess of tasks to be completed, requiring excess energy. Bore-out, which is the fact of giving no task, therefore no goal, which demotivates and demoralizes the person experiencing it. The Brown-out, which is quite simply the thankless job that no one wants to do because of its difficulty and the conditions in which it must be done.

Making efforts also means taking risks.He who makes efforts is in the quest, he is in movement, he is alive. Dynamic, he will honor his cause, sometimes even for the collective good, because strength is his driving force. Nothing happens in life without effort. Some will tell me that the law of attraction is an immutable rule. This is not the case. We can think all the positives expecting a return and nothing. Effort is the extension of a mental action. The law of attraction, which in my opinion is a good law, must not omit the meaning of effort. Effort also means realizing your dreams and projects. Work deserves pay. Efforts are not in vain. Many illusionists feed us with advertising of effortless money, easy paradise and various illusions of a better life without effort. Is this really reasonable? Sacrifice versus artifice.

Selling dreams brings in a lot of money, and requires effort to make dreams come true.Who benefits from crime? Faced with this romanticized vision of a perfect life according to the codes in force, the simpleton trap closes its arms on the weakest of minds, the laziest. Work has merit, and efforts are always rewarded. Besides, the word lazy alone sums up his lack of effort, because the facts are nothing. Glory to work and effort!

Card 34 - The efforts

Carte arcane efforts l'oracle de Marseille




Laborious work





Bad experiences

Complicated relationships






Need some rest


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