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La force des femmes - oracle de marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The Strength

“The weakness of strength is to believe only in strength.”
—Paul Valéry, Bad thoughts and others


The name of this card is called “la force” in French. It can be translated as “the strength” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.
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In the Marseille Tarot, strength is represented by a woman who tames a lion. This image symbolizes the mastery of our instincts and our inner passions, as well as the ability to overcome the most difficult obstacles with courage and determination. This strength reminds us that true strength cannot be measured not only in physical terms, but also in terms of self-control and mastery of our emotions. It is the skill of overcoming the most difficult obstacles with courage and determination, without giving in to anger or frustration. In the oracle of Marseille, a woman breaks a column. This arcana is inspired by thetarot known as “Mantegna”. Andrea de Mantegna is an Italian painter and sculpture from the Venice region who died in 1506. On this card of strength, we find 3 lions, one exterior, one as clothing worn by the woman and one on the head in the form of fur. Strength then reveals 3 aspects, that of mental strength, physical strength, and the will of this force expressed through the world around us. These cumulative forces can break the hardest stone columns. But these forces also make it possible to build temples, reconcile pieces of discord and avoid the fruits of revenge. This strength comes from our will, calling on courage and determination and hope. By meditating on this card, we can learn to tap into our own inner strength to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. We can learn to control our emotions and channel our energy into positive, constructive actions.

Beyond brute force, this image can alsobe interpreted as an act of resistance against oppression. By breaking the column, the woman shows that she is capable ofbreaking the chains of oppression and injustice, that she is able to rise up against the forces that seek to keep her down.She is not afraid to confront her adversary. How does she do it? and what to think of the law of retaliation? According to the principle of the law known as retaliation, which is a principle of retributive justice, that is to say that the punishment must respond to the crime committed. This law is often summarized by the expression “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. However, the arcana of the strength of the oracle of Marseille invites us to go beyond the law of retaliation and to seek more constructive solutions to resolve conflicts and problems. Indeed, the woman who tames the lion in the strength card represents the ability to master our baser instincts and find creative solutions to overcome the obstacles. Rather than seeking revenge or punishment for the harm that has been done,the force invites us to use our intelligence and creativity to resolve problems peacefully. But that is not always enough! Strength in our society is symbolized by justice. Without justice for the righteous, there is no balance. Strength is combined with justice. Force without justice is the law of retaliation.The strongest over the weakest, morality disappears in favor of brutality.By using our inner strength, we can find solutions that do not involve violence or destruction, and that aim for just justice.

Card 68 - The strength

Carte arcane la force l'oracle de Marseille


Far from the talion






Demand for justice

Situational intelligence





Strong emotions



Be impressed



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