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Femme justice oracle de Marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The justice

“Justice without force is powerless, force without justice is tyrannical.”
—Blaise Pascal, Thoughts on religion


The name of this card is called “la justice” in French. It can be translated as “the justice” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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This arcana representing justice embodies the notion of moral order and ethics. Justice must be guided by principles ofrighteousness and integrity, in order to guarantee trust. In short, the woman representing justice is a strong symbol. The woman representing justice isblindfolded, holds a flaming sword in one hand and a scale in the other. The scale is the symbol of balance and justice, which allows the evidence and arguments of the parties involved to be weighed. Impartiality is necessary to balance this scale. The woman is blind, because she must be impartial and not take sides.She must base herself solely on the facts and the evidence revealed.To her detractors, justice is sometimes blind for the wrong reasons. On the scale, we can see a skull, which represents life or death, as well as a purse, which represents money or more generally the material world. This symbolizes the fact that justice must not be limited to the simple application of laws, but must also take into account the consequences of its decisions on the lives of the people concerned. Justice must be able to decide on the spot, without fear or favor, in order to guarantee fairness and respect for the laws which bind good understanding between human beings. To apply its sentences, it must use force.

Often approached in a pragmatic manner, justice is in reality made up of 2 different visions. If justice is above all that of men, it governs our “exterior”. But there is another justice, that of our conscience made of satisfaction and remorse. This justice is specific to ourselves, governing our“inner heart”. Justice in our Western societies is public justice. Indeed, unlike private justice which is the act of resolving problems with others ourselves, public justice is governed by codes and requires power and force to preserve rights. of everyone.The problem with private justice is that it calls upon the strength of a clan, immoderation and generally dramatic excesses. The famous “law of retaliation”. It is assured injustice, endless revenge and brutality as a weapon. The justice of the “inner heart”, for its part, is that of our heart and our mind. Be fair to yourself. It is our internal justice, our foundation in our ethical and moral values ​​which allow us to live in a community according to certain rules defined and accepted by all. We are all based on socially accepted rules for living together in harmony. These laws that we apply to ourselves allow for balance in our society. So, if I am free as I am, I apply these rules such as honesty towards myself, moderation, impartiality to promote my inner balance. This internal justice must not be too strict, it must not be a dictatorship, because we will inevitably be unhappy. Likewise, it should not be too lax, because we will lose ourselves in a system without the strength to apply our moral rules, therefore in a world without morality.

If justice is just and strict, it is however neither narrow-minded, nor stubborn, nor lax, nor disorderly. She must be honest. We will notice that the scales are not empty and contain a purse, counterbalanced with a skull paradoxically representing life. This asks us a fundamental question about the meaning of economic life, should we lose our life earning it? The stock market or life? This brings us to the reflection of moderation, between work, money and private life. Just as this scale appeals to our own honesty. Are you really honest? And up to what amount of money?I’m honest, but if I’m offered a large amount of money up to the threshold where I’m no longer honest. So, I become dishonest towards my own personal beliefs and towards others. Corruption is an evil for justice, it contributes to the strength of the strong in money playing on our base instincts. This scale asks us this subtle question of the weakness of our spirit in the face of money and to greed.Are my values ​​greater than money?

Card 69 - The justice

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