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“ Every human group draws its wealth from communication, mutual aid and solidarity aimed at a common goal: the development of each person while respecting differences.”
—Françoise Dolto


The name of this card is called “la solidarité” in French. It can be translated as “solidarity” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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Solidarity is a value that consists of supporting and helping others, particularly those in need.It is often manifested through gestures of generosity and mutual aid, which strengthen the bond between individuals and create a stronger and more resilient community. The image of a chain of union between men is frequently used to represent solidarity. Each link in the chain is interdependent and contributes to the strength of the whole. Likewise, solidarity is an act of cooperation and unity that strengthens the community as a whole. In this arcana of solidarity, we find a widow who gives money to the most deprived. This image shows how even those who have little can show generosity and compassion towards others. The widow represents kindness and benevolence, while the person her most deprived symbolizes vulnerability and the need for help. By donating money, the widow demonstrates her solidarity with the weakest in society and contributes to creating a fairer and more equitable world. Ultimately, solidarity is a value that strengthens our common humanity and reminds us that we are all interconnected. By working together and helping others, we can create a more united, more equitable and more resilient society. Solidarity is a universal virtue, which takes the form of fraternity, of sorority and adelphity.

Often confused with charity, it is nevertheless different. Charity is the act of helping the most deprived. While solidarity is a broader term, because we can be in solidarity with others for a less virtuous, or even destructive, cause. For example, I can be in solidarity with the strongest to destroy the weakest. Thus, charity is only a form of solidarity. Being supportive means showing self-sacrifice for others. Solidarity engenders several qualities such as < strong>compassion, humanity, help, assistance and morality. As for charity, we can also distinguish the “good rich”, the one who makes its means available unconditionally,from the “bad rich”who is greedy, selfish, looking for maximum profit at the expense of others.Indifference and ignorance are the total lack of interest in others, making humanity non-existent.Beyond the person who gives, we have the person who asks for their help. Again, the intentions of this request for solidarity must be sincere. A bad association can be the subject ofbreach of trust, scam and fraud. We play on our vulnerability to obtain the gift of the other through gullibility or naivety.

Solidarity is like a mirror of the self. Accepting the difference of others is accepting one’s own difference. If I accept myself for what I am, I’m not afraid anymore. If I am no longer afraid of what I am, I can begin to accept others for what they are, and thus develop tolerance and solidarity. For this, I must have self-esteem for who I am and having confidence. When you trust yourself, you can start to trust others. Solidarity connects other virtues, such as those developed in the oracle of Marseille such as hope, strength, justice, prudence, temperance and beliefs. Thus solidarity develops with the hope of a better world. Trust is one of the driving forces of solidarity. If we are no longer confident in it future, then what is the point of solidarity? Solidarity is unconditional, we do not give to receive. We give with the heart. A well-known quote from Blaise Pascal tells us : “the heart has its reasons that reason does not know.” Here we dissociate the heart and reason to demonstrate solidarity.

Card 67 - Solidarity

Carte arcane la solidarité l'oracle de Marseille







Live for others



Unconditional love




Breach of trust



Lack of money

Need help





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