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carte le pendu oracle de marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The hanged Man

“My hanged man was depended on! He didn’t depend on himself!?”
—Louis de funès, Fantômas


The name of this card is called “le pendu” in French. It can be translated as “the hanged man” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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How did he get there? The Hanged Man card is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic of the Marseille Tarot. It represents a man hanging by one foot from a beam, head down, arms crossed behind his back, sometimes with coins falling from his back. This posture seems to be painful and difficult to hold, but the expression on the Hanged Man’s face is serene and calm. In the oracle of Marseille, the arms are detached, the face relaxed, the hanged man gives himself up in all humility. Unlike the Marseille tarot, this hanged man hides nothing in his hands, and is devoid of any precious metals that he could have. He does not look at us, his eyes are blindfolded, he looks at himself from the inside. After getting rid of his jewelry, which has no value other than those we give it, he prepares to make the connection with a new world imbued with spirituality. The hanged man is a posture of link making a change between 2 worlds, where the vision, the prism of our gaze evolves and changes. Trees without branches remind us that what was is not more, and that change will make new inches, giving new fruit.Cut trees give birth to a ladder. The ladder is used to go up and down between 2 places which are only accessible by this tool. The rope barely attached to the foot shows that this situation istransient. It is disheveled and blindfolded, a sign of his vulnerability to life and what surrounds him. The Hanged Man is often interpreted as a card of sacrifice and renunciation. He is willing to leave everything behind to achieve a higher goal. The suspension is a representation of symbolic death, of abandoning one’s former life for spiritual transformation.

Le Pendu est également associé à la patience, la persévérance et la confiance. Il est capable de supporter la douleur et l’inconfort pour atteindre son but, même s’il doit attendre longtemps pour y arriver. Le Pendu peut être considéré comme un symbole de l’acceptation de sa propre vulnérabilité et de sa capacité à lâcher prise. Il est important de se libérer de ses propres limites et de ses peurs pour atteindre un niveau plus élevé de compréhension de soi et des autres. L’arcane du Pendu peut par ailleurs être interprété comme une invitation à voir les choses sous un angle différent. La position de la tête du Pendu lui permet de voir les choses d’une manière nouvelle et différente, il est donc capable de prendre du recul et de changer de perspective.

Did the hangman tie himself? Can it come off on its own? Many questions persist? Another important point is the void beneath it. Is it an access to a path, a place? And if there is a place, is there a back? Is this missing space to be filled? Should we dive into this space? If we dive, what happens? Is what’s above like what’s below? Finally, the Hanged Man card reminds us thatlife is a journey, with its ups and downs. We must be willing to sacrifice our old habits and ways of thinking in order to progress. The card invites us to patience, trust and reflection to achieve our highest goals.

Card 57 - The Hanged Man

Carte arcane pendu l'oracle de Marseille

Keywords of the hanged Man

Surpassing oneself






Spiritual quest


Dive into the void



Change of perspective



Bear the pain


Emotional lift




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