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carte oracle de Marseille - le voyageur
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The Traveller

“The traveler who has nothing will pass singing before the thieves.”
—Juvenal, Satires


The name of this card is called “le voyageur” in French. It can be translated as “the traveller” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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Can we travel without moving? Only meditation, dreams, imagination and who knows, perhaps death, allow this. The work of the mind allows the traveler to project himself into unexploited lands. Beyond this vision, the traveler can take on several aspects.

At first glance,this simple traveler is simply welcoming, waiting to discover new customs or a new culture.He is not expecting anything in particular, just to let himself be surprise with the discoveries of the world that impose themselves on him. Thus, this traveler lets himself be carried away by the rhythm and events of life. He welcomes the world and collects within himself all the sensations, the energies, the smells, the rhythm of this new world. This non-expectation, this naive way of welcoming also has its opposite. The methodical traveler, a true event organizer, no room is left to the unexpected. The route is already mapped out, the break times are already planned. This traveler wants to be master of his journey and refuses to let go which reduces the journey to the projection of an idealized mind, which sometimes leads to great disappointment, as the expected result is not there. . The organized, but modest, traveler accepts the unexpected in his organization as part of the magic of this trip. The surprise, good or bad, will make the anecdote to be told around him.

The journey is opposed to the destination. Let us agree, is the journey a destination? or the path to arrive at this destination? This is the pilgrim’s quest, he discovers himself gradually along the stages of the journey. The pilgrim arriving at his destination does not benefit from this last point. This is a step that occasionally is not final. On the way to Santiago de Compostela,some pilgrims arriving at their destination turn around to return to the starting point. The destination is not the goal of their journey,only the quest is important.It is an outer and inner journey. It is the body that forces the mind to travel. Fatigue, long hours of walking, endless kilometers, pain, suffering, leads to questioning. Why am I doing this? What purpose ? What exactly am I looking for? If some experience this form of meditation through walking to travel internally, others do the exact opposite, they are fixed, immobile and meditate. Self-observation as a journey.

Another type of journey is possible,that of imagination, dreams and utopia.To dream is to create an imaginary world, and to travel in it. The traveler’s arcana transports us to unsuspected lands. The artist is a form of traveler who takes us far, very far. Whether it is the musician, who takes us into altered states of consciousness, or the painter which makes us immerse ourselves in his painting, in his world, or even all forms of art can take us on a journey. We contemplate and we travel. Architecture is a journey. Our outlook is transformed, we modify our thoughts, forget certain prejudices, enrich our inner being. The traveler is all of that. And what can we say about a dish of cuisine, a perfume, a sign that reminds us of childhood memories, of atmospheres experienced. The traveler intrudes everywhere. We are continually on a journey, and movement characterizes the journey. Movement is life. When the wheel of fortune gets stuck, life gets stuck.We are all great travelers. So let’s travel together!

Card 46 - The traveller

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