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Cavalier noir oracle de Marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The rider

“Anarchy is order.”
—Anonymous, Demonstration May 1968 France


The name of this card is called “le cavalier” in French. It can be translated as “the rider” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The rider gallops at full speed across the plains, carrying a message of crucial importance.The message he carries is destined tochange the course of history, to disrupt perceptions and beliefs, to reveal the truth hidden behind the deepest mysteries. This Arcana of the Rider has several approaches, anarchic, biblical and alchemical. Anarchy is a complex concept which is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Contrary to what many people think, anarchy does not mean chaos and destruction, but rather the absence of governance and the pursuit of individual freedom. The Dark Horseman crushing dogma is a powerful image that represents rebellion against established systems and norms. It is a metaphor for the idea that anarchy can be a liberating and empowering force, allowing everyone to determine their own destiny, without being limited by rigid rules and regulations.</strong >

However, anarchy can also be a breeding ground for oppression and injustice, especially if it is misunderstood or misapplied.Without proper structure and organization, it is easy for groups of powerful people to take control and manipulate others to their advantage.It is therefore important to understand that anarchy can only work if it is guided by sound ethical and moral principles, dependent on the benevolence of each individual, which highlights freedom, equality and justice for all. Justice according to all moral, social and legal plans. This means that anarchy cannot be used as a pretext to justify violence or destruction, but must be implemented responsibly and thoughtfully, with every being able to emancipate themselves. Ultimately, the dark horseman crushing dogmas can beseen as a symbol of the strength and power of anarchy,but it is important to remember that this force must be used with wisdom and moderation. If we can channel this energy toward positive goals, we can create a freer, more equal and more just world for all.

The rider is also a announcer. The announcement of a message can be a critical moment in human history. It can mean the difference between peace and war, justice and injustice, life and death. The rider who carries this message is a symbol of urgency and the importance of the mission addressed to him. The rider asks us to manage in our life what is urgent, important, vital and necessary. However, even the fastest and most skillful of riders cannot guarantee that the message will be received and understood by those who are intended to receive it.The message may be lost or distorted along the way, or it may be misinterpreted or ignored by those who have the power to hear it.According to biblical sources, there was a rider riding 4 different mounts. The horseman refers to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Each would bring misfortune to humanity. Although this card seems negative at first glance,it nevertheless carries another, more positive message.Sometimes we find ourselves in a difficult situation and a stranger comes to help us turn things around. The negative element then becomes positive. The unknown even brings considerable damage to our adversaries. This arcana also brings uncertainty about the next day, bad encounters, conflict or illness. This card has strong polarity, and should be read with great kindness and wisdom. The crushed tiara, symbol of authority whether religious or political, represents dogma in general. This card is not against beliefs, but against practices, the dogmas of society, the diktats that surround us, the manipulation of the masses. Without the black knight, this card would represent a desert, but like nature hates emptiness, it fills it with what we lack in a positive or negative way. The rider who carries this message is not a messiah. He is unknown. So, is the black rider your savior?

CARD 47 - The rider

Carte arcane cavalier l'oracle de Marseille


Important message

Announcement of a change



Need for freedom





Bad encounters



Crisis situation


False messiah


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