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La contorsionniste oracle de Marseille
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The contortionist

“What makes man is his great ability to adapt.”


The name of this card is called “la contorsionniste” in French. It can be translated as “the contortionist” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The contortionist spreads out in front of the low door, her eyes fixed on the narrow frame. She didn’t know what awaited her. She had never encountered this situation before. Each door is unique, this one more than another. Do we have the necessary ease to pass through each door ? or do we need to be accompanied? Each time, she managed to find a way to slip through. By concentrating deeply and training for days, she was able to prepare her body and thus her mind for this ordeal. She knew it would require a lot of agility, flexibility, and control. She stands in front of the door, ready to contort herself. She began to flex her body, curling her spine, curving slowly, like a snake moving. She moved closer to the door gradually, but surely, until her shoulders were almost glued to the rough surface. Her body then doubled, her head leaning back to fit the shape of the door. She felt cramped, her body compressed into a space too small for her . But she persevered, focusing on the feeling of her body bending and twisting. Once through the door, she then stood up, stretching her body in a long sigh of relaxation. She had once again managed to pass through a door that might have seemed impassable to the others. The contortionist smiled, proud of herself. She loved the challenge of contorting herself to pass through narrow spaces and discover new places, even while upside down.< /strong> For her, it was a challenge that allowed her to express all her freedom, flexibility and inner strength. This narrow passage was done with a “wise” step. And she was happy to be able to do it with so much grace and ease. The contortionist passes from behind right side up.

The contortionist is a fascinating figure who can be studied psychologically. Contortionists are performers who have the ability to bend and twist into acrobatic and physically demanding positions.The contortionist is very flexible and her physical disposition is impressive.Physique combines with psychology in the contortionist. Contortionists are often people who have great mental strength and great skill in focusing on a goal.They need to be able to control their bodies very precisely, which requires a high level of discipline and concentration. Additionally, contortionists can havehigh self-confidence, as their work frequently requires overcoming physical challenges that may seem insurmountable to others.However, the life of a contortionist can also be very emotionally demanding. They may spend long hours training and preparing for shows which can be very stressful. From time to time, they suffer from physical pain and injuries due to the extreme nature of their work. The contortionist arcana represents symbols of flexibility of body and mind , and a very great adaptation to the situations encountered, to the human capacity to overcome physical and psychological obstacles using incredible inner strength. She is capable of adapting to difficult situations and complying with very specific requests .

Card 59 - The contortionist

Carte arcane contorsionniste l'oracle de Marseille

KEYWORDS OF The contortionist





Set a goal




Laborious path

Inner strength

Difficult passage

Feasibility study





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