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Etoiles oracle de Marseille - jeu divination voyance développement personnel

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Cartouche - carte la reyne- oracle de Marseille

03 – the Queen

The Queen represents wisdom, maturity and emotional balance. She is the symbol of the mother, protector and adviser. It also embodies intuition, creativity and mediation. It invites you to listen to your heart and follow your intuition.

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Cartouche - carte la paysanne- oracle de Marseille

02 – The Country Woman

The country woman represents hard work. She reminds us that success does not come easily, but it takes determination. She shows us the importance of cultivating our own garden, both physical and spiritual, to reap the fruits of our labor.

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Cartouche - carte animal - oracle de Marseille

01 – The animal

The Animal represents instinct and intuition, reminding us that we are all connected to our primary emotions. It reminds us to follow our hearts and our instincts, rather than relying solely on reason and logic. It reminds us that strength and wisdom are found in harmony with the forces of nature.

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Cartouche - carte la bohème- oracle de Marseille

00 – Bohemian

Bohemian, a symbol of spiritual freedom, embodies the quest for self and personal fulfillment. She lives by her own rules and refuses to be locked into the norms and conventions of society. She is an example of courage and determination, following her heart and her dreams despite obstacles and criticism.

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Cartouche image de l'esprit - article oracle de Marseille

00 – Spirit

The Spirit guides those who are open to its teachings, offering them wisdom and insight to navigate the paths of life. He reminds us that knowledge is real power, and that open-mindedness is the key to achieving inner peace.

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