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Paysanne seule - oracle de marseille
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The Peasant

“The milkmaid’s baby sleeps peacefully because he knows he will have milk no matter what. ”
—Ahmadou Kourouma


The name of this card is called “la paysanne” in French. It can be translated as “the peasant woman” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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In this card, the peasant woman is above all a worker in the fields and farms. She supports her family and the seigneury by raising her cattle. It will be understood that the peasant woman is a woman invested in her family, she works hard to obtain the fruits of her labor. From a romantic point of view, the peasant woman is a sexually fulfilled woman. She was able to find a balance between her work and her personal life. She manages to meet her intimate needs and find fulfillment in her life as a couple. The peasant woman is not a “serf”, nor a slave. She is an authentic woman with her needs and her desires that they assume. Having desires does not mean being shameless, she also knows how to preserve her privacy.

The peasant woman is accompanied by a mythical animal, the unicorn. According to legend, the unicorn is established by purity and grace. Tradition holds that the unicorn can only be captured by a virgin, that is, a pure spirit. In this story, the unicorn is seen as a symbol of purity and perfection, while the dairy farmer is seen as a symbol of simplicity and hard work in pursuit of purity and truth. In a way more generally, the unicorn is also synonymous with abundance and luck, and the peasant woman is its actor and receiver. But be careful, a bad hoof kick can overthrow the fool. Nothing is acquired. The country woman must take care of her family to reap abundance in her life and those every day.

The peasant woman is also a woman of experience, she acquires her dexterity through practice. Milking a cow requires a technique, an approach and know-how. The repetition and acquisition of the right processes leads the peasant woman to harvest the milk of life. The clumsiness of the peasant woman often comes from her lack of maturity, from her dispersion in the tasks she has to perform. Harvesting the milk is also the result of a long process. But it is also the beginning of another. The milk harvest should not be seen as an end, but as a beginning. Milk nourishes the young and prolongs life. Milk is a sign of abundance just like the unicorn. It is also a sign of wealth and collective prosperity. Milk contains all the wealth of the mother. In some African traditions, milk is like blood. If in the West, we talk about blood brothers, in Africa and especially in Niger, we talk about milk brothers. Milk is like the peasant woman, synonymous with gentleness and kindness. Treat animals well , it is also to treat oneself well. We are animals in the animal kingdom and the peasant woman needs animals to live. It is part of a chain of life like the animals they care for. The bucket is a symbolic receptacle, it can be anything according to your interpretations, your feelings, your intuition. Do not confuse the bucket with the fool. Foolishness turns the milk. The peasant woman can be an action that you have carried out, the milk, the fruit of this virtuous action.

In some cultures, the unicorn is also associated with fertility. Thus, the peasant woman can be seen as a guardian of the unicorn, by providing the sacred food that nourishes and sustains this mythical being. In sum, the country woman and the unicorn can be seen as complementary symbols, respectively representing simplicity and purity, hard work and perfection. This legendary association has inspired many works of art and literature, and continues to fascinate and inspire people around the world. As well as from an alchemical point of view, the unicorn can be understood as “bound horn”, or to bind by the horn, that is to say by our spirit.


Carte arcane de la paysanne de l'oracle de Marseille

Key words the PEASANT woman

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