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Lune - incertitude décision oracle de Marseille
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The moon

“Why do you want to reach the moon when you have the stars?”
—Etienne Daho, Le premier jour du reste de ta vie


The name of this card is called “la lune” in French. It can be translated as “the moon” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The moon does not illuminate, it shines in part, reserving its hidden side for us. Illuminating is the principle of generating light from the inside out. The moon only shone with its brilliance which was partly due to the sun. But this brilliance only partially illuminates the moon, always leaving part in the shadows, unlike the sun that illuminates its entire sphere. As for the moon, it diffuses its very soft light, which is the light projected on its wall. The moon thus diffuses a light to us which is the reflection of our soul. It reveals what is in us. The unconscious resurfaces in this soft and calm night, awakening in us sufferings and fears. It is interesting to note that the moon acts on the terrestrial world, through the phenomenon of the swamps and also through its lunar revolution lasting 28 days, in line with the female rhythm and the human psyche.

The path in the night is different from that of the day. In the day, our vision is not that of the night. Our perceptions at night change our state of consciousness towards a wilder, more bestial side. Instincts come out, as well as our fears and fears. If you have ever walked in the middle of the night on an unlit path, alone, on an unknown road, towards a barely visible horizon, or even not definable as in the open sea, you will easily understand the meaning of this card. The fear of being followed, of being assaulted, brings out negative emotions. The dark landscape worries us. Recovering one’s own serenity depends only on us, on our confidence, on our reconciliation to our interiority. The moon invites us to work on our fears, on our fears, on our doubts in gentleness. To feel disoriented is to rediscover the quest for the right path. Serenity, prudence, brings us to spiritual elevation. The moon brings us to the following reflection: “darkness is the absence of light”.

Card 18 - The moon

Carte arcane le la lune de l'oracle de Marseille




wrong road






female cycle





Emotional confusion

Denial of the truth

Deceptive appearances



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