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Etoiles oracle de Marseille - jeu divination voyance développement personnel

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Cartouche - carte la peur - oracle de Marseille

13 – The fear

The Fear card represents the blockages and uncertainties that prevent us from moving forward. It reminds us not to let fear control our actions and our decisions. It is important not to be overwhelmed by it but rather to face it in order to overcome it.

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Cartouche - carte les liens- oracle de Marseille

05 – Relationships

Relationships represent relationships and connections between people. This card symbolizes complicity and communication. It can also refer to or commitments that bind us to a person or situation. It invites us to explore the links that unite us to others and to nurture them with care.

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Cartouche - carte animal - oracle de Marseille

01 – The animal

The Animal represents instinct and intuition, reminding us that we are all connected to our primary emotions. It reminds us to follow our hearts and our instincts, rather than relying solely on reason and logic. It reminds us that strength and wisdom are found in harmony with the forces of nature.

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