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Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The peace

“Imagine all the people living in peace.”
—John Lenon,Imagine


The name of this card is called “la paix” in French. It can be translated as “the peace” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The arcana of peace is rich in symbolism. In the upper part we find the symbol “Peace and Love” which is a graphic representation composed of two symbols in reality. The symbol is taken from the semaphore alphabet used in the navy as a visual language until the 19th century. An operator held two flags, with which he formed the letters into a message. When he drew an inverted“V”, it meant “N”. When it formed a vertical line, it was a “D”. The combination of “N” and “D” form the initials “ND” which expresses “Nuclear Disarmament”. This weapon is a mass weapon that reduces humanity to nothing in one hit. This symbol has become the sign of Pacifism in the world. We can see it from another angle. A circle with penetrating energy coming from above, but also from below. This junction leads to the center. It’s a balance. The doves are in numbers 2, sign of duality very present in this arcana.

The dove is auniversal symbol of peace and harmony.It is often depicted with an olive branch in its beak, in reference to the biblical story of Noah’s ark, in which a dove was sent out to find signs of life after the flood and returned with an olive branch, announcing the end of the catastrophe and the beginning of a new era of peace. The dove has also become a symbol of peace over the centuries thanks to its gentle and peaceful appearance, as well as its peaceful and non-aggressive nature. It is frequently represented in art and culture popular to convey a message of peace, hope and reconciliation. While, the devil is generally seen as a force that divides people. This division can take many forms, ranging from division between individuals and communities to division between human beings and the higher spiritual forces. We find this allegory in the arcana “the bonds” of the oracle of Marseille. The devil can divide people by encouraging distrust, hatred, jealousy and anger. He can sow discord by causing people to distrust one another, vie for power, and seek to dominate others. The devil can also incite division by reinforcing prejudices and by making people see each other as enemies, rather than friends and allies.

The second part of the arcana is a particular situation.We are often used to separating hell from paradise as 2 hermetic worlds. When the two worlds meet, it is not to make peace, but war, good against evil. In this arcana, we see a reconciliation of opposing forces. Peace between the devil and humans is a complex concept that can be interpreted in different ways. The devil is usually seen as an evil being, in conflict with humanity and opposed to all that is good and right. However, the peace between the devil and humans can also be seen as a metaphor for harmony and peaceful coexistence between seemingly opposing forces. In some traditions, the devil is seen as the representative of chaos and anarchy, while humans represent order and stability. However, this dichotomy does not necessarily have to lead to conflict perpetual. Rather, peace between the devil and humans can be achieved by recognizing and accepting the differences between these presumably opposing forces. Peace between the devil and humans can also be interpreted as a call for tolerance and empathy. Instead of focusing on the differences that separate us, we can seek to understand the motivations and needs of others, even if they seem to be diametrically opposed to our own. By showing compassion and understanding, we can build bridges between what are certainly irreconcilable worlds and achieve lasting peace.A compromise, a pact of non-aggression,a contract that is the convergence of diverging interests. In my opinion, the devil is a metaphorical figure to designate what is bad in human beings. To have peace, the solutions are not very numerous. Either, we annihilate the other, and in this case, only one force remains. Either with equal strength, we seek a compromise. Either one of the 2 opposing forces collapses on its own from within. Man’s quest for domination does the greatest harm to humanity.

Card 75 - The Peace

Carte arcane de la paix de l'oracle de Marseille

Les Mots clés de la Paix





Non aggression







Message of Peace

Good resolutions



New era







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