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archer de l'amour carte oracle de marseille
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The Archer

“A good archer reaches the target before he even shoots.”
—Zhao Buzhi


The name of this card is called “l’archer” in French. It can be translated as “the archer” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The archer is a precision specialist, he knows how to hit his targets when the conditions are right. Equipped with a bow and arrows, he also has several strings to his bow. Well prepared, he is not afraid of missing his shot, because he has situational intelligence giving him the opportunity to find other solutions to achieve his objective. The archer of the love is a legendary figure who symbolizes eternal love and romance. This archer, sometimes depicted as a winged cupid, is known to be able to shoot arrows of love that can touch the heart of anyone and make them fall in love. In the oracle of Marseille, our archer is not an angel, but a man shooting the arrows of his will. The arrows are the projection of love coming from his heart. The figure of Cupid is nevertheless present on the arcana of choice, without bow and arrows. Cupid holds a heart in his hand. Two visions coexist regarding this man. First of all “an archer outside ourselves”, independent of our will and fruit of nature. Then “an archer present within ourselves”, the fruit of our will and our quest for love.

When the archer of love shoots his arrow,he establishes a connection between two souls that cannot be broken.He inspiresfeelings of passion, desire and joy in the heart of the one who touches it.His power is immense, and he is capable of changing the lives of those who cross his path. But the archer of love is not just a symbol of romance. It also embodies the idea that love is a powerful force that can unite people despite their differences and flaws. It reminds us that love can transcend cultural, religious and social barriers, and that it can bring people together who would never otherwise meet. Yet the archer of love is not only a benevolent force. He can also wreak havoc if his arrows fall into the wrong hands. When used for selfish or manipulative reasons, the Archer of Love can cause unimaginable damage and suffering. .

Unlike the knight, he acts at a distance and does not like frontal combat. When we are hit by his arrows, as the victim can be, he places himself in the position of executioner. He has pricked himself where the problem lies when he does not control his anger. His anger can harm him and make him lose his means, make shooting errors and hit innocent people , or simply miss your target. At the level of the heart, we will talk about love to be achieved or love at a distance. We will talk more about one’s desire to act, about a conquest to achieve. By shooting his arrows, he will be able to reach the heart of his beloved. When shooting, the archer can also be focused on his objective and forget his environment, what we call the tunnel effect. This tunnel effect can make one blind or visually impaired in a situation, he forgets his environment. In addition, the archer can aim for the stars, we will talk about utopianism, daydreaming, inaccessible quest.

In short, the archer of love is a powerful symbol of love and romance. It reminds us that love is a force capable of transforming our lives and uniting us in eternal bonds. But he thus warns us against the dangers of misused love and emotional manipulation.

Card 53 - The archer

Carte arcane archer l'oracle de Marseille



Achieve its objective



Love at first sight

Tunnel effect

Several strings to his bow





Emotional manipulation

Love diversity

Eternal love




Set a goal

Move forward


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