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Pourquoi ça m'arrive oracle de Marseille
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“Why, why, why? Why all of this ? Why get up? Why fight? (continued below)
—Agent Smith vs Neo, Matrix Revolution


The name of this card is called “pourquoi” in French. It can be translated as “why” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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Finding your why is finding a purpose, a meaning in your life. Do we necessarily have to find a goal or a meaning, to live our life with meaning? Is life absurd? What is my ideal life? Am I off the mark? This is actually a very broad question. Ask yourself for a moment and try to understand the why of our actions? Are we really at the origin of our thoughts and our way of life?It sometimes seems obvious to find a meaning, but questioning its obviousness sometimes reserves some surprises.In most societies, we respond to what is expected of us, in order to satisfy and make it work. It is not necessary to find a purpose in life, but understanding our actions makes us move forward , like setting a goal, a course.

Indeed, my life and in particular my work in our society determines the individual that I am, my rank and my social role. Once I understand what is expected of me, I can perform the tasks that are asked of me. These are the famous expressions “it must” and “I have to”, inculcated from a very young age and often very useful for our development to be integrated into a whole, a family, more generally a social group. It means understanding and applying the codes. Although necessary for overall functioning, some people get lost and no longer understand why they are doing the things they are doing. They are misaligned between what they think and their real lives. It’s a dissonance. This misalignment leads to the question of “why”?

Finding a meaning, a new meaning allows you to move forward. Like this madman on his globe, where the alpha and the omega are introduced, as a beginning and an end, does life find itself its meaning? We cannot control the uncontrollable, and the plans we have set for ourselves can change, shatter like the stars that are represented, because life is not a long calm river. This mystery leads to questioning, which we sometimes miss in our daily lives.

More motivatingly, other questions may arise. After the famous question of “Why?” ». The question “Why not?” introduces the idea of ​​the potential of the project offered to us. Then the question “why not me?” » As for it, it introduces the idea of ​​our potential to carry out this project. But that is not enough, the last question that we can ask ourselves in this journey is “Why not now?” ”. What are the blockages that prevent us from moving forward towards our goal? Excuses are often made to use them. Are we blocking ourselves and do we want this change? Are we ready? To make a choice is to give up. But to give up is also to grow. The quest is a journey, where the question of why is sometimes recurrent, illusions evaporate and truths appear.

Excerpt from the Matrix scene
"Discussion between Agent Smith and Neo

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