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Paysan oracle de marseille
Roue gauche chariot triomphe -oracle de Marseille

The peasant

“Peasants are constantly at work and this is a word they never use.”
—Anton Tchekhov, Calepin


The name of this card is called “le paysan” in French. It can be translated as “the peasant” in English. If you notice any translation errors in this article, please let us know for our entire community. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

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The peasants of the Middle Ages were the most important mass of the population. They represent the mass of workers, those who fertilize the land and take care of the animals. The peasants represented 9 people out of 10, and without their presence, no lordship and no clergy. There is an important distinction at this time between “the serf” who is subject to a lord and belongs to him, and “the villain” who is a free man who must give part of his crops in exchange for the protection of his lord. Since the revolution and the appearance of the rights of human beings, serfdom no longer exists. In the tarot of Marseilles, the social hierarchy is centralized on the dominants of this time. This is why the oracle of Marseilles does not take up this archaic structure. In the Tarot of Marseilles, however, we find in the Minor Arcana the 4 orders represented by the 4 colors, either the symbol of the cup for the clergy, the symbol of the sword for the nobility, the denarius symbol for merchants and the staff symbol for peasants. that peasants are not represented in the major mysteries of the tarot. The structure of the Tarot de Marseille was made for the nobility. The social dominance of this time was the clergy and the nobility.

The peasant, like the country woman, alone embody the countryside and contribute to one of the pillars of our health, food. The peasant, connoisseur of the seasons, he sows life with anticipation for our survival. Guardian of our land, he is connoisseur of the terrain in which he evolves, knowing the places of good shoots for these seeds. Carefully selected, the seeds germinate, giving the tastiest fruits and vegetables. It is the same in our life, we are all peasants. The peasant thus works on the raw material, called earth. Alchemists will call it the Materia Prima. The peasant also speaks to us of abundant sexuality in respect of the human cycles specific to each individual. Accompanied by the map of the moon, we will speak more of a respect for the cycles. In its defects, we will speak of discordant, dispersed, disturbed sexuality which does not allow the development of this one.

However, patience is its strength, hence the expressions “don’t put the cart before the horse”. Bad influences, he will sow the seeds of discord, of dispute. Plants stop growing, wither, become dull and uninteresting. Planting your seeds also means caring for these young shoots, protecting them from bad weather and guaranteeing their development. The farmer has a long-term vision, he is not looking for pleasure immediate. If he plants his seeds, it is for the future. He knows that a forest will take time to grow. He also knows that some seeds will exceed his lifespan. He is not just a simple consumer of small fruits and vegetables, he has a broader and more reasonable vision of life as a whole.

In the couple’s relationship, we will talk about major projects, of a common long-term vision. The farmer is anything but an ordinary consumer. He consumes what nature offers him, in the proportions that suit him, keeping a course and a line of life.Sharing is essential for him.It’s common peasant sense or good peasant blood. Accompanied by the tower or the storm, the peasant must fear for his crops. Everything can be ruined. As well as accompanying the enchantress, he must be careful not to scatter his seeds.

Card 09 - The peasant

Carte arcane le paysan de l'oracle de Marseille





Common sense




Related to nature


Bad seeds

Fulfilled sexuality


Low in the social hierarchy



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